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From:    Monica Staff
             Legal Counsel
             Rhode Island Association of REALTORS
             100 Bignall Street
             Warwick, RI 02888

May 4, 2010

Hi Janet:

We just learned at the Rhode Island Association of REALTORS Board of Directors meeting this morning that you were the REALTOR who helped to expose the Mayor's no-bid contract to his friend to board up foreclosure properties at rediculously high costs and questionable procedures in Central Falls. I'm writing to applaud you for your courage. I had heard from other REALTORS who were experiencing problems in Central Falls, and had asked them for some documentation or details so that we could leak this to the media. I'd also suggested that RIAR could make a public documents request. The otheres were (understandably) nervous about doing anything that could remotely linked back to them. I'm so impressed that you had the ethics and guts to take on this type of corruption. I am proud that our association has someone of you caliber as a member.

Monica Staff
Legal Counsel RIAR


Subj:    Thank You For Being A Great Realtor and Role Model
Date:    5/6/2010  12:28:00 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Hi Janet-

I don't know if your ears were burning on Tuesday morning around 10 AM. At the RIAR Board of Directors for RIAR, we were talking about your leadership dealing with the corruption in Central Falls. Now I hear you in the news that there is even more corruption exposed involving a grocery store. You litterly opened Pandor's Box.

We all applaud your efforts in literally fighting City Hall and all that has meant for our Realtor members trying to sell property in that city.

We were wondering if you would mind if we sent a Letter to the Editor to the Providence Journal and the local press about your role as a Realtor in halting this exclusive, no-bid, overpriced boarding up of foreclosed homes in Central Falls.

Just let me know. If this is acceptable to you, we would need to discuss some of the mechanics of how you fought City Hall....and won. It is certainly a story for our time and one that, as Realtors makes us very proud.

I hope that you are as proud of your effort as we are of you.


Susan C. Arnold
CEO/General Counsel
Rhode Island Association of REALTORS
Phone = 401-432-6947    
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